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Drug & alcohol problems at work

Private Drugs Addiction Treatment, Harley Street

Treatment for Drug Problems in Harley Street

London city professionals and executives often face huge pressure at work which may develop into stress, executive burnout and depression. Many Londoners will turn to drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and prescription medications to escape from their problems and try to enhance their work performance.

Day to day drug use among executives and professionals can quickly lead to dependence which will harm themselves, their families and their careers and workplace environment

Private alcohol residential rehab treatment can transform the life of someone with a drugs problem, rebuild their family relationships and revitalise their career.

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Alcohol & drug problems in the workplace

The importance of rehab treatment

This video features insights from addictions professionals and a former rehab patient into the importance of professional treatment for employees with alcohol and drug problems.  

Employers often ignore alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace until it is too late. Residential rehab treatment can transform an addicted employee from a liability to a productive and fulfilled worker. 

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Castle Craig, publisher of the Executive Rehab Guide, has been the UK’s leading drug, alcohol and gambling addiction treatment provider for 30 years. Our service in London and Radnor Mews provides diagnostic, referral and continuing care services in rehab treatment. Our residential rehabilitation clinics are based in beautiful private country estates close to Edinburgh and Dublin and provide the most advanced inpatient treatment available in Europe.

Castle Craig London is a branch service of the Castle Craig Group. It provides a diagnostic, referral and continuing care service in London and South East England. It works in partnership with other practitioners and treatment services.